My first post since a long long time ago

I'm back

Hello Guys. Yes I know, it’s like a suprise and great change too. Yep, I’m writting in english and it will be like that’s for the next posts I will do in next. First of all, I would like to thanks all my twitter followers and you can be sure that’s I have great stuff to share in the next weeks and also this year !!

First of all, you will see me on Oncrawl blog as an Oncrawl Evangelist – Amen. I will put some stuff as a « Data SEO » view, with concrete use case from realm and not a stupid situation as I can see or you can see on other site (as I said in august, I hate post like « best seo to do in 2019 » or « the 20 best plugin for wordpress for the Saint Valentin 2019). In fact, as I write down « Saint Valentin », I sure I will rank on this keyword – or not. Come a little in my mind. What’s sort of optimisation I could do to gice signal on « Saint Valentin » (this is the last time I said that’s 😉 ). This list could make me fun to rank on it:

  • Put the keyword in my title et meta description (remark: my meta description is blank 😉 )
  • Put a signal in my RSS feed and ping it (Bing love that !)
  • Put it in my sitemap.xml … but feed take the lead before no ? 😉
  • Put a JSON-LD event on the keyword (no no no ^^).
  • Tracking guys you spend their mouse on the keyword and purpose content on this event with pushing pop-up, like buy flowers ?
  • Convert you to be a CRO DATA SEO

Secondly in june the 13th in Paris, I will be a speaker for the event « NDD Camp« . It’s a David Chelly event since 4 years, free and very fun to do. I don’t know for this time what’s sort of pitch I will do, may be a Bing and potentialy gain you could have (For those you don’t know I’m working as traffic manager at Celine – LVMH Group – Luxury). I miss to give a pitch way for the SEO CAMP, may be I will be a speaker (cross fingers).

And the last part but not the least will be to add more stuff on my blog. I will come back on YouTube but the format is not define yet. I will be a guest on the data seo blog of Vincent Terrassi too. Concerning my website, I will make some great change, as new category like GTM, Data Metrics … and a lot of new surprises ;). I would like also to open my view to my english followers, so I hope you will appreciate the big bang I m doing.

Hope to see you soon guys and « Good Luck – Have Fun » – never forget that SEO is the best MMORPG in the world 😉

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  • Sacha , 6 février 2019 à 08:39 @ 8 h 39 min

    And what do you think about 512banque ?

    • moise , 6 février 2019 à 10:11 @ 10 h 11 min

      he have is life and I get mine 😉

  • Chelly David , 6 février 2019 à 18:40 @ 18 h 40 min

    merci Seb
    thanks in advance your incredible participation at nddcamp!
    It will be a pleasure and an honour to have you once again among the speakers

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